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Arcadia Perio Care offers a full range of periodontal treatments. Used alone or in combination, they provide us with many ways of restoring and then maintaining your periodontal health.

We always start with the least-invasive option. We want to do the most with the least, while always keeping in mind that the goal is to halt and reverse the bacterial insult that is putting your teeth at risk.

The techniques can be divided into the following categories:
• Pocket Reduction
• Regeneration
• Restoration
• Cosmetic

Pocket reduction techniques include scaling and root planing, which attempt to reduce the size of the pockets that are harboring disease-causing bacteria. Ideally, the gums fit snugly around the tooth, like a glove on your hand. Scaling and root planing attempt to remove or reduce the bacterial infection and create an even surface that gives the gums the best chance of resuming their normal relationship to the teeth.

When the bone supporting your teeth has been partially destroyed by the bacterial infection, we may recommend a regeneration technique in which bone grafts or material that stimulates bone growth is inserted. Because the underlying bone is the foundation on which your teeth rest, its adequacy and good health are of great importance.

Once tooth loss has occurred, either from periodontal disease or accident, restoration provides a solution that not only provides a good smile, but which also helps maintain the health of remaining teeth by preserving the proper structural relationships between teeth.

Sometimes, your smile isn’t what you want it to be. There may be excessive gaps between teeth, unequal gum lines, or other defects that involve gum tissue, but which are not disease-related. At Arcadia Perio Care, we are smile consultants as well as periodontal specialists. We offer a variety of cosmetic procedures that will put a smile on your face you’ll be pleased to share with the world. These procedures include grafting, crown lengthening, “gummy” smile lift, and smile reshaping.

Visit our gallery to see examples of the difference these procedures have made for some real people who chose Arcadia Perio Care.

Dental Facts
Periodontal disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults 35 and over.
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