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“Dr. Donna K. Klauser is the absolute best at what she does. I was referred to see her for a dental exam and x-rays for my medical clearance to serve as a volunteer for the Peace Corps. I can say without a doubt that this is the best experience that I’ve ever had with a dental office. She was absolutely kind, helpful, and I felt privileged to be taken care of by her. I rarely review places, but for sure this place deserves it.”

Kevin T. - Yelp Review

“Dr. Klauser and her team are amazing! I had to have some major work done and they made my dental experience great! Everyone in the office is helpful and willing to do what is needed to make any dental experience positive! I would highly recommend Dr. Klauser and her team! Thank you all for taking great care of me and my teeth!”

Kim H. - Yelp Review

“Dr. Klauser is nothing short of excellent. Her surgical skills (gum graft) are a thing of beauty, but equally important, she is a thorough and excellent communicator about what to expect from the procedure and does a wonderful job of making her patients (and their Moms) feel as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. Great post-op follow up. Highly recommend!”

Carol B. - Yelp Review

“Dr. Klauser and her staff are exceptional and outstanding in every aspect. Her office uses cutting edge technology and best practices. I was initially referred to her for an implant, which was done with much care, thoroughness, and gentleness. She provided a calm and serene environment which was very relaxing. I have had two gum grafts since performed by her and her team with the same high professional standards. Upon entering the office, you feel confident you are safe because of all the processes and equipment she has in place to address COVID-19. Highly recommend Dr. Klauser and her team.”

Deanna M. - Google Review

“I can not speak in high-enough praises for Dr. Klauser and her team at Arcadia Perio Care. I am now out of state and no longer directly under her care but I desperately needed a fresh set of eyes on my present situation and Dr. Klauser found time for me and quickly found a way out for me. I can not thank her enough, not only for her skill and talent but also for her humanity.”

Patrick T. - Google Review

“Dr. Klauser is incredible. She made getting a gum graft an easy experience. Dr. Klauser explained every step, what she would do, why she would do it, and how the step would feel. The pain was less than expected and my daughter had NO swelling. You could not find a better periodontist.”

S. J. - Yelp Review

“I am one of those people who love to go to the dentist because I value a great smile. I got referred to Dr. Klauser, and I have to admit, even I was nervous. I had never gotten a bone graft and it sounded painful and scary.
At the office, all my fears were put to rest. Dr. Klauser was very competent, but beyond that she gave me all the information that I needed to ease me into the surgery. I felt prepared for it as well as taken care of. The day of the surgery included a pep talk to get me mentally prepared, music to soothe my anxiety, and a blanket for when my body got cold from laying on the chair during the surgery.

Dr. Klauser had the magical touch as I barely felt a thing, and the bone graft has healed perfectly. I was so impressed by her and the office that the following day at work, I raved about her to everyone that asked about my bone graft. Thank you Dr. Klauser!

Lilly L. - Yelp Review

“I don’t know what it is about Arcadia, but first, my GP, Dr. Alice Lacy, is the best GP I’ve ever had.

And then in something that I thought I’d rather stick a branch in my eyes than have a gum graft done, Dr. Klauser makes it a really GREAT experience.

No wonder. My fabulous dentist, Dr. Q, in Monrovia, recommends Dr. Klauser. Dr. Klauser sees I’m with Dr. Lacy and praises her.

My recent gum graft was FUN! Can you beat that?”

Ellen S. - Yelp Review

“Dr. Klauser has great bedside manners! very open to questions! great treatment plans. she also teaches on the side!” (5 stars)

Karen L. - Google Review

“i have been going to this Periodontist for over 10 years. I have found the office extremely professional, friendly, and helpful. I have my teeth cleaned three times a year, lately with Louie. He takes the time to review my health, look carefully at teeth and gums, and is gentle in his cleaning process. I have had several oral surgeries throughout the years. Dr. Klauser always explains every procedure, often showing pictures too. She makes sure you are comfortable, gives you your choice of music to listen to, and dark glasses to restrict the bright light from bothering you.

Pat B. - Google Review

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