Payment Options

What Payment Options Do We Accept?

Here at Arcadia Perio Care, we believe your oral health is so important, we try to accept as many payment options as we can to make the financial aspect that much easier to bear. If you don’t see a payment option that fits you, please contact us. We try to accommodate all of our patients.

What insurance carriers do you accept?

We accept all major insurance providers for a great majority of the procedures.

Are there any procedures not covered by dental insurance?

Payment option Care CreditCurrently, we do not accept insurance coverage for any of our laser-based treatments. We do, however, partner with Care Credit, which allows you to pay for treatments over the course of a year with no interest.

What payment options are available if I need laser-assisted procedures?

We accept credit card payments and also partner with Care Credit – a service which allows patients to pay for their treatments in a year with no interest.

What if I think I can’t afford treatment?

Please, talk to us. Our first priority is assisting you with your oral health. We’ll explore as many options as possible in order to make sure we can provide you with the treatment that you need and see if we can possibly develop payment options that fit your situation.

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