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Debunking Common Dental Myths

There is a solid chance that you or someone you know has a fear of visiting the dentist. In fact, 4.3% of Americans are so terrified of going to the dentist that they simply don’t go (Department of Health and Human Services).

We want to address some of the most common myths regarding visiting the dentist.

“Visiting the Dentist Has to Be Painful”

We are truly entering a golden age of dentistry (check out our article on the amazing world of dentistry). We believe that these fears are due to past, painful, and invasive techniques that have since been disbanded and are strongly discouraged in the modern world of dentistry. At our office, we advocate for pain-free, quick, and effective dental procedures.

We also utilize sedation dentistry to help ease our patients fears and discomfort.

“No Visible Signs”

Many people feel that if there is no visible decay or stain that they do not need to see a dentist. As a result, years can go by without a cleaning or an exam. This could be a potentially life-threatening decision. The initial stages of gum disease are, in fact, symptom free. In other words, you will not feel any pain or see any sign that your gums need attention. You will not be able to actually see the initial stages of cavities either. The solution? Regular, minimally invasive dental cleanings and exams.

Whitening can Erode Enamel

To put it simply, whitening doesn’t erode enamel. Cosmetic dentistry is perfectly safe and new technology has essentially put to rest any previous concerns that may have been a reason for concern in the past. Today, good dentistry is about keeping you healthy and improving your self-image. We would love to help make that smile look like a million bucks.

To learn more, contact our Arcadia, CA office or browse our resources. We are standing by to offer insight on any other concerns you have concerning your oral health and the role your dentist plays in your life.

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