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Gum Grafting in Arcadia, CA

Healthy teeth and gums are a reflection of overall good health. Receding gums can mar the appearance of your smile and leave you vulnerable to the effects of periodontal disease. Healthy gums act as a barrier against the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. When you have receding gums, more of the tooth is exposed as the gum line inches toward the root. Receding gums can be successfully treated with gum grafting procedures performed by Arcadia, CA periodontics specialist, Dr. Donna Klauser. There are three grafting methods used to correct receding gums: connective-tissue gum grafting, free gingival gum grafting, and pedicle gum grafting.

Connective-tissue gum grafting is the most commonly performed of the three methods in our Arcadia, CA periodontics office. With this “indirect method”, the donor tissue is taken from a flap cut into the roof of your mouth. This tissue is then sutured to the area surrounding your receding gums. The donor tissue will eventually heal and integrate with the tissue present at the site, correcting your receding gums.

Free gingival gum grafting is generally performed for patients who have thin gum tissue. With this “direct method”, Arcadia, CA periodontics specialist, Dr. Klauser will collect the donor tissue directly from the roof of your mouth, no flap needed. This tissue is then sutured directly to the site of your receding gums and exposed tooth root.

Pedicle gum grafting is recommended for patients with a generous amount of gum tissue. With this method, Dr. Klauser cuts a flap in the gum tissue adjacent to the site of the receding gums, stretches it over the exposed tooth, and sutures it into place.

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If you suffer from receding gums, contact our Arcadia, CA periodontics office today. Dr. Klauser can correct your receding gums, restoring their appearance and preventing further damage to your teeth.

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